Sunday, March 24, 2013

Surface functionalization

Charged and metallic molecular monolayers
through surface-induced aromatic stabilization
G. Heimel1*, S. Duhm2*, I. Salzmann1, A. Gerlach3, A. Strozecka4, J. Niederhausen1, C. Bu ̈rker3,
T. Hosokai3,5, I. Fernandez-Torrente4, G. Schulze4, S. Winkler1,6, A. Wilke1, R. Schlesinger1, J. Frisch1, B. Bro ̈ker1, A. Vollmer6, B. Detlefs7, J. Pflaum8, S. Kera9, K. J. Franke4, N. Ueno9, J. I. Pascual4†,
F. Schreiber3 and N. Koch1,6

This work explores the idea of charge transfer from a metal surface to an organic moiety with an interrupted aromatic framework, resulting in aromatization of the latter.  This charge transfer creates an organic monolayer which behaves metallically for all practical purposes (i.e., bandgap is much smaller than before).

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