Sunday, June 24, 2012

Size-selective synthesis of [9]–[11] and [13]cycloparaphenylenes

Size-selective synthesis of [9]–[11] and [13]cycloparaphenylenes†
Yuuki Ishii, Yusuke Nakanishi, Haruka Omachi, Sanae Matsuura, Katsuma Matsui, Hisanori Shinohara,
Yasutomo Segawa and Kenichiro Itami* 

 This paper details size-specific CPP synthesis via introduction of rigid angled parts (cyclohexane rings).  The compounds were assembled using efficient palladium- catalysed C–B/C–Br cross-coupling (Suzuki–Miyaura coupling) and/or nickel-mediated C–Br/C–Br coupling reactions, and the final removal of the rigid angled parts was achieved by thermolysis in the presence of sodium bisulfate.

Graphical abstract: Size-selective synthesis of [9]–[11] and [13]cycloparaphenylenes

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