Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hydrophobic Interaction-Mediated Capture and Release of Cancer Cells on Thermoresponsive Nanostructured Surfaces

Advanced Materials

Hongliang Liu1,Xueli Liu1,2,Jingxin Meng1,Pengchao Zhang1,2,Gao Yang2,Bin Su1,Kang Sun1,Li Chen1,Dong Han3,Shutao Wang1,*,Lei Jiang

Capture and release of cancer cells: A thermoresponsive nanostructured surface has been designed to reversibly capture and release cancer cells, wherein hydrophobic interaction helps the realization of target capture/release of cancer cells. The unique nature of our designed platform is based on the synergistic effect of hydrophobic interactions between the smart surface and the hydrophobic anchor (i.e., biotin-BSA), and topographic interactions between the nanostructured substrates and cancer cells. 
Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

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