Thursday, February 7, 2013

Molecular switches

Electronic and Structural Effects of Stepwise Borylation and Quaternization on Borirene Aromaticity
Holger Braunschweig,*,† Alexander Damme,† Rian D. Dewhurst,† Sundargopal Ghosh,‡ Thomas Kramer,† Bernd Pfaffinger,† Krzysztof Radacki,† and Alfredo Vargas† 

This articles reports preparation of and describes several reversible coordination reactions of borirenes and LBs, such as pyr, DMAP, IMe (saturated N,N-dimethyl NHC) and phoshpines.  IMe binds in a general fashion, unlike the N- and P-bases.  The borirenes are not very stable species, and decompose sometimes even under inert gases at RT.

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