Saturday, August 4, 2012

Multiplexed Enrichment and Detection of Malarial Biomarkers Using a Stimuli-Responsive Iron Oxide and Gold Nanoparticle Reagent System

Michael Nash, John Waitumbi, Allan Hoffman, Paul Yager, and Patrick Stayton

The authors present a magnetic-gold nanoparticle antibody-conjugated detection system. Gold nanoparticles were functionalized with pNIPAAm. The free carboxyl end of the NIPAAm was conjugated to streptavidin. Equivalent amounts of biotinylated antibodies, streptavidin-AuNPs, and pNIPAAm-magnetic NP were added to human plasma samples. With heating, all NIPAAm collapses to form aggregates of both the gold and magnetic nanoparticles that can then be separated from supernatent by a magnet. The enriched mixture was then applyed to a immunoassay to quantify the amount of antibody successfully captured. They show that using this system, they can achieve a lower limit of detection with little increase in background noise. They also demonstrate the versatility of the system for detecting different biotargets and detecting multiple targets simultaneously.

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