Monday, August 20, 2012

pH-triggered blooming of "nano-flowers" for tumor intracellular drug delivery

Chemical Communications

The authors synthesized an octadecyl-PEG (biotin)-ocatadecyl ester type polymer, a benzoic-imine bond is used between the biotin and octadecyl ester, and an octadecyl-PEG-doxorubicin, hydrazone bond used to conjugate the dox to PEG, drug loaded polymer; both polymers bend at the PEG domain when introduced to water.  They use the term "nano-flower" for the polymers morphology and the blooming process that takes place when its introduced to different levels of pH.  The benzoic-imine bond hydrolyzes at pH <6.8 and the hydrazone hydrolyzes at pH >5.5; this allows the micelle to expose the biotin outside of the tumor cell and release the doxorubicin once the micelle has penetrated the cell membrane.

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