Saturday, October 6, 2012

Organic Radical Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Andrzej Rajca, Ying Wang, Michael Boska, Joseph T. Paletta, Arnon Olankitwanit, Michael A. Swanson, Deborah G. Mitchell, Sandra S. Eaton, Gareth R. Eaton, and Suchada Rajca Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012 134 (38), 15724-15727

This paper presents an all-organic MRI contrast agent that utilizes the paramagnetic nature of persistant nitroxide radicals. Spriocyclohexyl nitroxide radical structures are built into a dendrimer scaffold that is pegylated at the last level. The study includes assays on the EPR activity of the dendrimers, the reduction rate of the nitroxide radicals in mock-vivo conditions, and in-vivo imaging.

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