Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Dimensional Nanoarrays of Individual Protein Molecules

Lei Shen1, Adam Garland1, Yini Wang2, Zicheng Li1, Christopher W. Bielawski1,*, Athena Guo2,*, X.-Y. Zhu1,*
In this paper, the authors report a 2-D array of protein molecules attached to a substrate via Cu-click chemistry (protein-azides + susbtrate-alkynes).  The reason the proteins are regularly spaced is b/c the substrate is a diblock co-polymer composed of PS and PHEMA blocks.  These polymers self-assemble to form 1-nm wide hexagonal PS domains in a PHEMA matrix.  Incorporation of PS-alkynes into the PS block results in attachment points for protein-azides that are ~1nm apart -- thus only one protein can attach per block.
Below are a diagram of the idea and the data from AFM studies (substrate and substrate + proteins).  They also do XPS (N1s) and SPR studies confirming irreversible binding of proteins.

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