Saturday, October 6, 2012

Precisely Tunable Photonic Crystals From Rapidly Self-Assembling Brush Block Copolymer Blends

Garret M. Miyake, Victoria A. Piunova, Raymond A. Weitekamp, and Robert H. Grubbs

The researchers synthesized block copolymers consisting of equal amounts of norbornene functionalized hexyl isocyanate and 4-phenyl butyl isocyanate macromonomers of two different molecular weights. A blend of two block polymer in which the ratio of the MW is less than five will lead to the self-assembly of photonic crystals. By varying the amount of the smaller and larger block copolymer, a change in the wavelength of reflectivity was observed, with increasing amounts of the larger block resulting in longer wavelengths of reflectivity.

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